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Topic: Algebra Textbook Recommendation

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Subject:   RE: Algebra Textbook Recommendation
Author: markovchaney
Date: Jul 3 2007
I have no reason to believe that the Saxon philosophy of teaching mathematics
improves as one goes up in grade level. I have seen nothing from Dr. Wu to
suggest that he would modify his claims about the higher-level Saxon books.
Keeping in mind that he is closely allied with people who generally support
Saxon, I believe he would have been asked to modify his remarks publicly to
exempt any of the books Saxon publishes that he might not feel the same way
about. No such statement from him appears on his web site or anywhere else to
the best of my knowledge.

People who like Saxon will like it no matter what grievous shortcomings I or a
UC-Berkeley mathematician who is generally considered anti-reform and hence
NOT prone to attack a program like Saxon unless he REALLY thought it was
deficient, might say. I, for one, think there are many far better choices. I
can't speak for Dr. Wu as to what he'd prefer, but I'd be very surprised if he
had anything much different to say about Saxon Math for middle or high school
than what he said about the elementary books.

You wrote:
It appears that Dr. Wu is referring to the use of Saxon Math in elementary

This discussion we're in is about the use of Saxon Math in middle school or
high school (algebra and pre-algebra.

the Saxon texts are different and the children are different in middle
What about using Saxon math with a subscription to Math Forum, as Cynthia
me, a different Cynthia) suggested???"

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