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Topic: Calculating Software, Graphing & Algebra

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Subject:   Calculating Software, Graphing & Algebra
Author: Uso
Date: Aug 29 2007

I just started in the danish "Gymnasium" with maths on A-level (A is highest,
B second highest and C being required for any 1.g's). There, in our first math
class, we were told that we needed to get ourselves a graph/algebra calculator -
they recommend TI 89 or Voyager 200. However, these 2 instruments isn't exactly
cheap, and I am going to get myself a laptop aswell anyway, so I thought about,
if I could just use some kind of math-software, instead (on the laptop)? I am
not very much into it, and I've been searching different places without luck
(Its all a bit messy -- and I dont know exactly what I should be aiming at)
for such software, and so I came by this website,
which appears to be a forum. So, I wondered, if anyone here could recommend any
software which could be used, instead of a TI 89. It would be awesome if it was
shareware, however not needed. Any suggestions are welcome :).

Well, again, I'm new here, and just hope I post this the right place. I'm not
really into all this stuff :). Thanks in advance for anything.


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