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Subject:   Slide rule multiplication
Author: lghughes
Date: Oct 26 2007
On Oct 25 2007, iamtim wrote:
> I have a time table related issue that I could use some input from
> yourself and any other teachers who teach at the same grade level.
> I've been working on making some slide-rules for a couple of my
> grandkids who are getting into multiplication this year. Some may
> think that slide rules are just for higher-education, but I think
> they are a great way to learn the multiplication tables as well as
> the relationship between numbes in general. I also think a kid
> learns well when using the hands along with the visual process,
> which is something the slide rule provides an opportunity for. Below
> is a link that show some of the ones I've made:

I don't have it in the
> links, but I'll first give them a very basic rule that just adds and
> subtracts, just so they can get a feel for the sliding rules.

> would greatly appreciate input on the subject.

My grandkids are
> in the midwest and I'm on the east coast but will be going to visit
> them in early december at which time I was planning on introducing
> them to the slide rules. One of the kids is very interested in math
> and the other just so-so.

Thank you,

Dear Tim,

Students learn in a multitude of different ways.  The best way to get accurate
feed back is to introduce the slide rule to different types of students and
record their opinions.  As teachers, we tend to use instruments of learning that
are particularly familiar to us and our backgroud.  Example:  I use touchpoint
math numbers and a skip counting song to produce quick results in
multiplication.  I have introduced this method at my school and even though the
results are phenonmial, the teachers choose to use the drill and kill method
because that is how they learned.  Good luck and I would be interested in
knowing the students' opinions.

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