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Topic: smart board question

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Subject:   RE: smart board question
Author: jgr
Date: Nov 19 2007
Hello Lincoln,
You can do extended display with your computer and Smart board which lets you do
something else on your computer screen and the students are viewing something
else.  With Vista, you go to control panel/mobility center/connect display.
This brings up another screen which asks you if you want to mirror your display
onto the projected screen or use extended screen.  It is a little confusing at
first when you see the extended screen as there are not any icons on the screen,
it's just an extension of your background.  Take any icon or open program and
you can 'drag' it over (right or left depending on your choice when you chose
extended screen) to the extended screen.  The students can see this screen and
not what you have on your computer monitor.  They can view anything you put over
there, documents, web page, movie, etc., however they cannot use the
interactivity of the SMART board.  I have tried to orient the SMART board so the
students can actually use the SMART board's interactivity, but I haven't quiet
figured out how to make my touch accurate.  With Windows XP, you can also select
extended display through the control panel and either display or monitor.

On Nov 17 2007, Lincoln wrote:
> I would like to learn how to keep the smart board/projector on,
> maintain the current screen, and do administrative tasks that I
> don't want the kids to see (attendance, etc)

Right now I have to
> turn off the smart board projector, complete admin tasks on my
> computer and then turn it back on.

Any suggestions.

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