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Subject:   RE: PEMDAS
Author: Hf
Date: Nov 21 2007
I believe it depends on how you present PEMDAS to the class. I am a Special Ed.
teacher, so I am always making color coded signs. I use four colors on my PEMDAS
sign: one color for P and its explanation, a different color for E, a different
color for M and D, and the fourth for A and S. I then explain that they must go
in color order and that M and D are equal, so it is whichever is first in line.
The same for A and S. We reference the "same color" part, every time we
reference PEMDAS as we are almost always refering to one of the four operations
until they know what to do.  I have also seen it presented on stairs, with P & E
on their own stairstep and M&D together on one and A&S together on a fourth. I
have been teaching it this way for years and have not had a student that
remembered Order of Operations, but confused with MD or AS.

On Nov 20 2007, bsnbns1991 wrote:
> On Nov 19 2007, VEJ wrote:
> If you are able to provide a few
> examples of how this strategy does
> not apply, I would like to
> pass it on.  I work with elementary
> teachers and have not gotten
> into the practice of providing the
> acronym, but I have heard of
> many middle school teachers using this.

As a middle school
> teacher, I'd love to have a scholarly reference regarding getting
> rid of PEMDAS. The floor is yours!

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