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Topic: Resourse Suggestions for Sketchpad

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Subject:   RE: Resource Suggestions for Sketchpad
Author: stek
Date: Dec 18 2007
Hi Jim,

Interactive whiteboards (from SMART and other companies) are indeed very useful
with Sketchpad; they concentrate student focus in one place, they allow you to
maintain eye contact, and they enable student involvement .

Many of the Sketchpad activities you might do without an interactive whiteboard
will be even better with one, whether you're doing a whole-class Sketchpad
presentation or whether you're introducing or recapping a hands-on student
activity. It's often particularly effective to have a student operate the
whiteboard while you  tell her what to do.

As to sources of activities, most of the activities in Exploring Geometry with
The Geometer's Sketchpad and in Exploring Algebra 1 with The Geometer's
Sketchpad would be excellent for this purpose. The activities are written as
hands-on student activities but can easily be adapted as presentations. (Many
of the activities in the latter book include Presenter Notes to help you do

Disclaimer: I work for Key Curriculum Press, which sells both Sketchpad and the
activity books,  and I edited the Algebra 1 with Sketchpad book and wrote a
number of its activities.


Scott Steketee
Sketchpad Projects

On Dec  9 2007, JimS wrote:
> I would appreciate any suggestions of sources for Sketchpad lessons
> that incorporate a Smartboard.  I teach Algebra I and Geometry to a
> group of very bright middle school 8th graders.

Many thanks.
> Jim

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