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Topic: GraphCalc: "The Ultimate Windows Graphing Calculator"

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Subject:   GraphCalc: "The Ultimate Windows Graphing Calculator"
Author: Jesdisciple
Date: Jan 9 2008
Originally posted by
> In January of 1999 GraphCalc started as a project to keep us
> occupied when we were not busy with other commitments. We have been
> working hard on it, some say too hard, to make a simple and easy to
> use graphing calculator for windows that is rich in features.

> If the Windows calculator just isn't getting the job done, or you
> don't want to pay $100 for a little monochrome display handheld
> calculator, download GraphCalc for free and see for yourself how
> easy it is to graph an equation or find out what 345.4327 is in
> binary!

I've been using this program for a while, around a year I think, and I'm very
satisfied with it over all. It has three tabs by default, and each has different
capabilities. The first performs ordinary arithmetic, but in an unusual way,
allowing for bases 2 to 16, user-defined constants, pre-defined constants
and conversions, logarithms, the three averaging functions, standard deviation,
variance, and some operations I've only otherwise seen in programming languages.
I have noticed that the two-dimensional graph isn't a perfect square so the
default resolution of 20x20 distorts the graph slightly, but it gives a very
good approximation. See

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