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Topic: Demise of Green Globs

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Subject:   RE: Demise of Green Globs
Author: Sharon Dugdale
Date: Apr 2 2008
Good news!  The Mac OS X version of Green Globs is now available at  

Iíve very much enjoyed reading comments in the Math Forum -- and especially
enjoyed seeing studentsí Green Globs games and strategies, as well as classroom
anecdotes, that some teachers have taken time to share online.  

The OS X version includes some updated features, e.g., more graphs allowed in
Equation Grapher, larger window size, and handling of longer file names.  Credit
goes mostly to Dave Kibbey for his work in converting the software to OS X.
Check out the website ( ) for details.  We appreciate
the enthusiasm this software has had over the years, and hope the new OS X
version will meet the needs expressed by so many teachers.

The Windows and Mac Classic versions continue to be available from Sunburst:

On Jul 25 2005, ihor wrote:
> I spoke with the folks at Sunburst at the NECC conference about
> future updates of Green Globs and found out that there are no plans
> for it at this time.

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