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Topic: the use of technology

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Subject:   RE: the use of technology
Author: LFS
Date: Apr 23 2008
An interesting question and an interesting first response - I hope there are
many more responses!

A slightly different response - I think that teachers nowadays are not "opposed"
to using technology in the classroom. They just find that it takes alot of time,
effort and money and that they do not get the kind of results that they as
teachers are required to produce.

Also, graphing calculators and commercial software means that - even in
prosperous school districts - the students have limited access and limited
exploration time with technology.

So I am for the development of educational portals with applets and small
applications that are freely available both online and offline, freely
distributable, translatable and editable for the individual needs of teachers
and students.

Finally, I think that students must develop their own portfolios of math
voicethreads or mathcasts. That is, recording of their "thought processes" as
they solve problems. Verbalizing math is very important to developing critical
thinking skills.

The technology for making mathcasts is well within the budgets of poorer
districts  - all you need is a graphics tablet ($50) (but a smartboard works

---- a little more about my views on integrating technology ...

What do I think the three most essential components for the successful
integration of such technology into the classroom?
Answer: “teacher, teacher, teacher”

Specifically: Teacher can use it. Teacher will use it. Teacher wants to use it
• Teacher can use it. He/she can find it, understands how to use it and feels
comfortable using the applet/application.
• Teacher will use it. He/she can integrate the applet/application relatively
effortlessly into daily curriculum. That is, it fits into existing lesson plans
and requires little or no extra setup.
• Teacher wants to use it again. He/she sees measurable results from using the
applet/application.  That is, students are more engaged in the learning process
and/or test results improve.

Further, essential conditions 4-6 are student, student, student.
• Student can use it. He/she is personally engaged by the
• Student will use it. He/she has ready access to it in his own time
• Student will use it again. Or rather, he will show his friends and pass it

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