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Topic: the use of technology

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Subject:   RE: the use of technology
Author: chaserpacer
Date: Apr 24 2008
Dear Dawn,
I, too, am a fairly new teacher (this is my fourth year). I have never used a
smartboard but I've heard they are pretty neat. I live in Saudi Arabia. I would
love to introduce technology into my classroom but I haven't had much exposure
and what I try to use I have disovered on my own. Keep in mind I am 49 years old
and entering into teaching a bit late. Technology has changed so much since I
went to school. I guess one needs to know what is meant by "technology". If it
means kids spending more thime than they already do in front of a computer
screen I probably won't be a big advocate. If it means tools I can use to
facilitate sudents' undrstanding, then I'm all for it. My prblem is how I can
learn more about what is out there especially being over here in Saudi? I have
not really witnessed technology being used and I would ove for someone to show
me math technology.

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