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Subject:   RE: software
Author: rfant
Date: Jul 28 2008
On Jul 27 2008, deva wrote:
  I give tuition  in Maths to students up to the 12th level.
I am
> interested to know what software I should download to enable me to
> teach maths online (incluing graphics). I have Compaq with Windowns
> Xp.

Greetings A.K.,

One of the tools that I use is PMWiki.
Though most wikis are about the same, PMWiki has "recipes" that you can add,
giving you the ability to use math symbols (jsMath), and graphics

You may view my pages at

One of the first things you will want to do however is visit the "Check Your
Computer" link.   This link will guide you through installing the necessary
fonts (for math symbols) and the svg plug-in (if you use IE).  Once done, the
math pages will process very nicely.  To write such pages yourself is also a
simple process.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you run into any questions.


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