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Topic: Best Desktop Publisher for Geometer's Sketchpad Files

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Subject:   Best Desktop Publisher for Geometer's Sketchpad Files
Author: Geomaster
Date: Aug 11 2008
Does anyone know the best desktop publisher for compiling Geometer's Sketchpad
drawings into a single document?

I need to compile a combination of various Word documents and GSP files into a
single document, a huge book, a "Teacher's Edition!"

Out of the 450-500 pages now ready to be placed into the book, there will be
around 40 or so pages from Word while the other 400-450 pages will be composed
of single-page Geometer Sketchpad (GSP) files.  All of those GSP files will
have to be individually opened and then copied over into the desktop publisher,
so I need a software package/publisher that is really easy and straightforward
to work with (and one which will not alter the GSP drawings in any way).

Please understand my problem: I cannot use Word (I refuse to use Word!). The
dilemma is this: To cut and paste all of the 450 GSP files into a single Word
document is mickey-mouse because Word allows unacceptable inaccuracies in the
sketches (for instance, geometry points are obviously "off" compared to the way
they appear/print in the GSP program).  The results are a disgrace to the great
sketches put out by GSP!!  And I certainly would not put out such trash.

Please, what is the best, easiest, and most accurate desktop publisher to use
for compiling all my Word and GSP files so I can build a single, 500-page
document to call "the book" and afterwards convert it to a pdf?

(There is no need for a "Table of Contents" function as I am manually paginating
the book.)

Please, help me find some solid leads so I can get this thing done before the
summer ends!

Many thanks,

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