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Topic: Best Desktop Publisher for Geometer's Sketchpad Files

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Subject:   RE: Best Desktop Publisher for Geometer's Sketchpad Files
Author: Geomaster
Date: Aug 14 2008
Your advice is great!

When I say cut and pastes are "inaccurate" from GSP to Word you must realize the
reference was to a point shifting maybe 1/16" relative to where it was in the
original sketch.  That would not be enough to throw off most folks, including
students looking for an angle bisector, but it troubles me because I need my
carryovers to be 100% accurate as one of the things this book does is lead
students to obtaining a horde of exact angle degree meaures heretofore
unattainable with only the compass and straightedge.

Also, it is bothersome to have to make all the fonts larger than WYSIWYG (at
least in my case) because I have some 400 files to paste over into the destop
application.  It might take 3 months for me to go through and make everything
larger so it will be of readable size.  This project has gone on for over 5
years now and, while I am not burned out (yet), it really needs to be done (if
at all possible) before this schoool year so I can concentrate on other

So glad to see you're giving your students "the best" with GSP!

Thanks again for your valued input,

On Aug 12 2008, bohidar wrote:
> I am unclear about the problems with using Word. I use Sketchpad and
> Word all of the time. I create problems that the students use patty
> paper to copy the problem and then find which point is on the angle
> bisector or which point is on the line perpendicular to the given
> line through point P. The pictures do not distort because the
> students can find the correct point.

I use GSP v4.07 and Word
> 2003/Word Vista
I paste regular but if I resize I make sure the
> height and width ratio stays intact.
I have pasted the pictures
> into the document and also in tables.
I do thicken the lines and
> increase the font size of the labels.
I have also put GSP pictures
> into Powerpoiint and then saved either as a ppt or jpeg. Again, When
> my student do any patty paper exercise or mesurements they are
> accurate.

I am sorry that this did not help

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