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Topic: Interactive Online Calculator

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Subject:   RE: Interactive Online Calculator
Author: rossisen
Date: Sep 18 2008
My only initial reservation is that the site is ad-supported.  I have added
this to the list of online calculators wiki at  
[ +Calculators].

I would invite all MathTools members to edit the wiki with any missing online
calculators or contact me through
[ ]
my blog with any suggestions.



On Sep 18 2008, calculator-mathtools wrote:
> We recently release a <a href=" ">free online
> calculator</a> called "eCalc" that is well suited for both students
> and professionals.  The calculator contains an interactive unit
> converter, equation solver, interactive decimal-to-fraction
> converter, and support for complex numbers.  The calculator is
> completely free and does not require any registration.

We would
> appreciate any feedback from users of this forum as we know you are
> experienced in using an array of online math tools and resources.
> We hope that students and teachers find this calculator is a great
> online resource.


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