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Topic: Secondary Math posters

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Subject:   RE: Secondary Math Posters
Author: Mathsoul
Date: Oct 6 2008
Thanks Susan for your school address the evaluation math posters will be shipped
today for you.  Also to John, Robert and Cindy for offering to trial some
Mathsoul Math Posters too - I will also ship you a couple each - well spotted.

Sorry I can not send any more free evaluation copies to other teachers at this
stage as my family needs to eat too. However the Mathoul website always has at
least one downloadable free math poster file, suitable for use with data
projectors - available to all.  

And My-Story math posters for purchase are very reasonably priced at US$9.90
for ANSI C 17" x 22" size, seing as they are pre-laminated front and back.  Of
if buying a set pf 5 they come 5 for the price of 4.

And if you join the mailing list, you will hear within a couple of weeks about a
special print run of free printed Mathsoul My-Story math posters, called
Lynda, being photographed on Friday this week; only packing and postage needing
to be paid.

Warm regards

On Oct  6 2008, Mathsoul wrote:
> Susan back on Aug 25 2005, you wrote here about an incredibly
> difficulty in finding good math posters, beyond elementary level.
> Someone responded to your message and recommended the excellent
> London underground posters.
I read your post some time ago now,
> and amongst other things your message encouraged me to have a range
> of educational math motivational posters professionally designed and
> made available for teachers. The first of these, the My-Story range,
> are now available and have been well received by quite a number of
> secondary schools (student age 13 - 17) in New Zealand where my
> marketing has been focussed to date. I would appreciate your taking
> a look at them and offering a view too.

The My-Story range are
> intended to help teachers 'market math to students' (if you can
> accept that language), by showing eye-catchig youug adult role
> models benefiting in their occupations from the classroom math that
> they learned. As a secondary objective these math posters provide
> opportunity to explore various aspects of math as well, such as the
> Steve math poster (recursive functions and logs), or Zina, Forrext
> and Celia math posters (linear algebra and transition between
> equations, graphs and tables), or Naomi math poster (platonic
> solids, ratios, and trig) etc.  

Because your comments
> encouraged me some time ago, I would like to send a couple of these
> Mathsoul My-Story math posters to you free of charge for your
> evaluation, if you let me have your current school address.

> regard
David Brown
Member NZAMT (New Zealand Association of Maths
> Teachers)

> On Aug 24 2005,
> molson wrote:
> Hi,
I am having an incredibly
> difficulty time
> finding any useful
> math related posters for my
> classroom.  I
> teach Algebra II and
> Advanced Functions, and would
> love some
> simple posters which revolve
> around factoring,
> polynomials,
> functions, logarithms, trigonometry,
> etc.
> Everything I'm
> finding at the moment is for the elementary
> classroom!
> appreciate any help/suggestions.  

> best posters
> I've seen are the London Underground posters.  These
> are a series
> of math posters that were created for the London
> Underground a
> few years back.  You have to order them from England
> though, and
> they take a while to get.  The best idea is to order
> them with a
> credit card so that the pound/dollar conversion is taken
> care of.
> Also, they are not cheap, so get your school to help.  Go
> to:
> http://www.m-
> > to see them, and then click on order form to order.  
Good luck!

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