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Subject:   virtual ti 83 for your desk top...and it works
Author: KC Mowrey
Date: Oct 13 2008
from my list serv... this is really great...
 One more thing about graphing calculators. A wonderful simulator for your
desktop is available at:
Install into a folder. Click on the vti.exe file.  If you get a screen that asks
you to look to search for a ROM image, press cancel, then click on the vti.exe
file again.
I have this running from a thumb drive which is something I cannot do with my
copy of TI SmartView.  As I teach in different classrooms in different
buildings,and use a projector with PowerPoints for many lessons, this is a
fabulous tool for teaching, but also for your online students.  I don't have to
drag my Viewscreen with me and hope the overhead has a working bulb, and I can
make it bigger  or smaller, and have options for different views. I can leave it
"on top", take screen shots, etc. Right click for many options. ( Silly thing,
you have to click to ON button to start it - just like real)  The kids love that
I am showing them what keystrokes along with how to use the Calculator
effectively to enhance the lesson.
Also, since this can be made very large, it might be a wonderful tool for those
of you with visually impaired students.
Joan Kessler, NBCT
Mathematics Department
College Academy @ BCC Central
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314
Phone: (754) 321-6900  x 2012

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