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Topic: Using the Math Jeopardy PowerPoint File
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Subject:   Using the Math Jeopardy PowerPoint File
Author: Suzanne
Date: Jan 3 2009
Recently a Math Tools user sent me this email:

I am having trouble getting this game to work.  But rather than go  though a
description here, prehaps you could put me in contact with  Don -- or anyone
who is familiar with the program.

My problem is that I can't get the game to run -- music, question coming up,
and the answer on a separate slide, etc...I followed the instructions (I think)
but all I have is a bunch of slides with nice words, but nothing resembling an
active game to be played --
like Jeopardy?  There's a missing link or two that I don't know about... could
Don give me some guidance as to how to make the game work?

And I responded:

I just downloaded Don's PowerPoint to see how it worked. It seems to work very
well on my machine. I use a MacBook Pro (Mac OS X Version 10.5.6). I read
through the lovely directions that Don included. If you aren't seeing those,
make sure you are accessing the "Notes Page" view and then you should see the
extensive directions.

Even without putting in any questions or answers, if you use the "Slide Show"
view you should see how the game works. You can advance the slides either using
your mouse or the arrow key. Once you've viewed a question and also the answer,
use the large yellow arrow to return to the game board.

Does that help?

To which the Math Tools user responded:

Yes -- thanks!

I thought that because this user was having some difficulty, that perhaps others
might benefit from reading this exchange. If you have used Don's template tool
and have stories about your students and your classroom, we'd love to have you
post them here!


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