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Topic: New Online Stopwatch tool
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Subject:   RE: New Online Stopwatch tool
Author: Craig
Date: Jan 3 2009

I liked the
> timer and already have a use for it - buzzing at set intervals for a
> child who needs scaffoding for a task ('do --- for five minutes,
> then do --- for five minutes, then do ---- for five minutes').
> The children I have in mind are ADHD students who experience
> difficulty with instructions like 'practice the flute for 30
> minutes', but can cope with tasks when they are broken into
> manageable chunks 'ten minutes of technical work, then ten minutes
> on the Kohler study, then ten minutes on the Handel sonata'.

> problems I have with this timer (and why I'll keep searching for the
> perfect timer) are:
- the alarm is, well, rather alarming. If a
> child with ADHD wasn't already off task, this noise would certainly
> do the job.
- you can only have one time interval. I can't set it
> to sound a pleasant bleep at different points in a thirty minute
> interval - e.g. 'we are going to practice writing a narrative. Spend
> 5 minutes planning, then 20 minutes writing, then 5 minutes re-
> reading and editing'.

A little timer that did the above would be
> a handy applet to sit in the top of a student's computer screen
> while they work on a task.

I love timers and have an easy-to-use
> one stuck on the refrigerator always. My kids grab it for everything
> from cleaning their rooms, to practicing music to baking things for
> the cub scout cooking badge. Doing lots of practical tasks with a
> timer has given them a good understanding of elapsed time.

> in Sydney Australia it is our long Summer holiday. The new school
> year starts in February, so there is still a month to recover from
> the excesses of Christmas.

I didn't see how the stopwatch could do any timing, and got no alarm or any
other feedback other than start/stop functionality.  I'm not concerned about
that though... I thought I would share a resource I recently started using:
ClocX ( ).  It's a free download, for Windows computers.  You can
set recurring or one-time alarms to go off at any time; I have it set to sound
alarms in my office a minute or two before the end of each of our periods,
because we don't hear the bells at school.  This wouldn't be useful for timing a
few seconds, but the 5-20-5 minute essay, or other scaffolding uses, would
be ideal!  

Good luck...

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