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Topic: Co-ordinate Maths game

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Subject:   RE: Co-ordinate Maths game
Author: r!chard
Date: Jan 24 2009

For those of you who enjoy less restrictive Internet access than Rufus -- the
Internet Archive Wayback Machine, among others, has cached a fully functional
version of Co-ordinate Maths here: ://

On Jan 24 2009, Rufus wrote:
> Does anyone know of a comparable online game? (I can't access the
> cached version that Math Forum sent me, as it is blocked by our
> district.)

The same day that Rufus originally approached Forum staff about Tim Cuttings'
program, we tried to contact him, as well as the technical support at the
website that hosted Co-ordinate Maths. However, Tim's address bounced back our
message instantly ("unknown user"); and after receiving an automated reply from
"Hosting Support" <> promising that they would
"... respond to [our] query as soon as possible," we never heard back from


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