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Topic: Math Jeopardy problems
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Subject:   RE: Math Jeopardy problems
Author: Don Link
Date: Apr 16 2009
Unfortunately, there's a bug in PowerPoint 2007 that causes this problem.  All I
can suggest is that each time you return to the scoreboard, you press the Esc
key and then reengage the slide show.  The scoreboard will now show all previous
questions in blue.

I do have a new version for PP 2007, which I will send to you if you email me at .  Unfortunately, although it's possible to
change existing Jeopardy files, it's quite combursome.

Don Link

On Apr 14 2009, gregkey wrote:
> This is an excellent tool, but I'm having one problem that I would
> like to remedy.  When I click on the dollar amounts everything works
> fine.  I can go through the question and answer with no problems,
> but when I click the arrow to return to slide 2 the dollar amount I
> selected is not blue.  If I go back to edit my slides, the dollar
> amount IS blue there and if I start over with the slide presentation
> from that point, the dollar is blue there also.  But, if I try to go
> through the progression the dollar amounts stay white.  Any
> suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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