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Topic: sudoku fractions edition

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Subject:   RE: sudoku fractions edition
Author: ruthy
Date: Jun 5 2009
Forgive me for asking this question....
But why are you using fractions?  What is it about fraction knowledge that is
required for students to obtain a correct solution?

You have four different fractions placed somewhere on the grid.  Students don't
really need to know much about fractions, except converting from picture to a/b
form to complete the fractional part of you sudoku.

Could you add another element, and have each quarter of the large puzzle demand
a different representation of the fraction?  So, the upper left fourth would be
a diagram; the upper right could be the fraction in reduced form; the lower left
could be an equivalent fraction that has been converted using c/c where c is an
integer not equal to 0 or 1;   and the lower right quarter might be converted
using d/d, etc.  You could also have some puzzles that use decimal
representation and/or percent representation.  Lots of choices!

Just a thought...

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