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Topic: Project Based Learning

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Subject:   RE: Project Based Learning
Author: rfant
Date: Jun 18 2009
On Jun 17 2009, pammeyepoo wrote:
> I am currently in a course at KSU that uses technology to teach
> mathematics. Great course, btw. GeoSketch is a great tool from Key
> Curriculum. There are some applets that are similar available,
> perhaps even in this forum.

Just curious about the "KSU."  
Is that Kansas State Univ.?

If so, what is the name of the prof. teaching this class?


I also want to highly encourage everyone to look at GeoGebra, as posted earlier.
It is FREE, does a far superior job creating java applets for interactive web
pages, and is at least as user-friendly as Geometer's Sketchpad.    There is a
fantastic community of users offering many free "sketches" and lots of help (if
Finally, several LMS's (Moodle), wikis (PMWiki, MediaWiki) offer extensions so
that authors can simply upload their files and use them, as simply as you would
import an image.

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