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Topic: Mr. Schlytter's Mathematics Site

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Subject:   RE: Mr. Schlytter's Mathematics Site -- finding the link
Author: Suzanne
Date: Aug 28 2009
Hi Glenys,

I think what happened was that the reply LGB wrote that seemed to be in response
to Eric's post, was actually posted as a "new topic to the General Discussion"
and so Eric's original post was not threaded.

Eric's site is here:

If you're curious about finding Eric's post that led to LGB's reply, look to the
left sidebar for "New Discussions" and near the top (assuming that you view this
today or soon before other discussions take the top spot) you'll see:

Interactive Mathematics Activities [33]

right below this collection of threads under:

Mr. Schlytter's Mathematics Site [2]

The post of Eric's that LGB was referring to was written by Eric on Aug 28

If a user wants to have their response connected to the thread of the post that
they are responding to, the link to use to initiate that is below the message.
The button reads "Reply" and provides the option of "Quote this message when

I hope that information is helpful.


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