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Topic: Mathematical collaboration tools

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Subject:   RE: Mathematical collaboration tools
Author: Geoff Roulet
Date: Sep 5 2009
This question addresses a key issue.  There are multiple websites that pose
interesting mathematical problems and in some cases provide online tools for
exploration, but unless users are together looking at a common computer screen
the mathematical investigation is conducted alone.  There is a need for online
collaborative mathematical investigations.

In Math-Towers ( ) we are attempting to provide such
explorations for students at the grades 7 to 9 level.  Upon entry into the
castle students in a participating group (a class) are presented with a
mathematical challenge and then sent to a tower where they find a lab with tools
to support their exploration of the problem.  They are also provided with a
communication tool (a scroll) that permits them to exchange ideas.  In fact, to
climb the tower and explore the problem in increasing complexity they must share
ideas.  For some of the explorations students can, along with text messages,
also share their lab tool in its present state.

Geoff Roulet
Queen’s University at Kingston

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