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Topic: Using WolfrmaAlpha in the Classroom

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Subject:   Using WolfrmaAlpha in the Classroom
Author: rfantster
Date: Nov 30 2009
I am starting a new project that I hope will appeal to all educators, no matter
their level or subject area.
This project concept will utilize and exploit the computational power of

All educators may join in and offer/share initial WolframAlpha queries along
with their own higher-order thinking questions in response to their particular
query results.  Any participant may submit their ideas either by editing the
wiki site or submitting questions via a number of forms that are set up for this

Because this is just getting started, I'm sure it is not perfectly clear so
please see the website for a better idea of what I have in mind.  And please,
email me with any questions at:

If you are an educator and not familiar with WolframAlpha, you owe it to
yourself to visit the site and give it a look.

Project Website:

Again, if anything is unclear, email me and I will explain in greater

Thanks for your time and consideration,

P.S.  Of course everything is FREE!   Only your time and expertise are required.

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