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Topic: Using WolfrmaAlpha in the Classroom

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Subject:   RE: Using WolfrmaAlpha in the Classroom
Author: rfantster
Date: Dec 2 2009
Greetings Markovchaney, and thanks for your input.

I would say that we have some of the same philosophies but yet differ ever so
I work at the high school level and have 10 graders that literally cannot
multiply 5 X 6 without a calculator, so I'm not sure if I classify the mundane
as "idiotic."  If the parents won't work with their own kids to help solidify
the basic concepts, then . . .  (but that was between you and me.)   However, I
do see WolframAlpha as a tool to help us develop interesting, more in-depth
questions, to expand those "mundane," but necessary concepts.  And as we
progress in a topic, WA offers some pretty interesting, real-life data to play
with.  Another key point is that WA offers interdisciplinary data.  Mathematics
is my focus also, as yours.  However, when I search in other disciplines, I see
a ton of mathematics that can be discussed.

So, you did not exactly "put words in my mouth."  I would suggest that we
probably agree on many more points than not.   :)

As far as getting the word out about my project, I truly appreciate it.  I hope
(in the long-run) that this would become a community project and NOT MINE.
WE have issues in our math/science classrooms and if it is ever going to get any
better, WE must fix it, as a community of concerned educators.  And, this means
(to me) that we're going to have to work as hard as we expect our kids too, if
not harder.  

1) I hope I made it clear(er) in my second posting that teachers may participate
by using the form (entering text), and are not forced to edit the wiki.  I want
this to be as simple as possible.

2) Those videos are not mine, I just embedded them off of YouTube.  I tried to
give the proper credit but may have overlooked one.  I'll get that fixed soon.

Wow!   I didn't mean to write a book.

Best regards,

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