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Topic: Math in the Workplace

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Subject:   RE: Math in the Workplace
Author: rfantster
Date: Jan 14 2010
On Jan 13 2010, Megan Joelle wrote:
> I enjoyed the powerpoint type presentation of Math in the Workplace.
> I am in college obtaining my bachelors in Secondary Math Education
> and am always looking for things that will interest students in
> Math.  I think this would be a great demonstration to show students!

Thank you for the comment Megan.
There is a lot more I want to add to that demo but it's a matter of time, you

However, another project that I am spending a lot of time on nowadays is my
"WolframAlpha" project.  I would very much encourage you to look at Wolfram
Alpha and find ways to incorporate it in your lessons.  It is extremely powerful
and holds a lot of promise in the future.   You might even be interested in
looking at my work to get a jump start, joining me if you like what you see.

Best of luck to you in your teaching career.


My WolframAlpha project can be viewed here:

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