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Topic: Best Desktop Publisher for Geometer's Sketchpad Files

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Subject:   RE: Best Desktop Publisher for Geometer's Sketchpad Files
Author: stek
Date: Feb 28 2010
Hi Michael,

I assume you're working in Windows. Here's what I'd do. First I'd gather a group
of related documents (probably not all 150 at once) into a folder, and gather
the file names. (I don't know how to do this without using "dir /B" in a command
prompt; maybe you have a quicker way.) I'd then paste the file names into Word,
or whatever program I'm using to assemble my images.

Then I'd open up all the Sketchpad files at once. For each file I'd do a
sequence of keystrokes to copy the entire sketch, switch to Word, and paste the
image before the desired file name. Here are the keystrokes: ctrl-A, ctrl-C,
ctrl-F4, alt-tab to Word, arrow keys to position the cursor at the beginning
of the correct file name, ctrl-V, press return, alt-tab back to Sketchpad,
and repeat for the next sketch. By making this totally a keyboard operation, you
can do it reasonably quickly, and if you have a macro program, you can automate
everything except possibly the arrowing to the correct insertion point.

I hope this helps!

Sketchpad Projects

On Feb 27 2010, mhall7265 wrote:
> I have a similar situation: 150 GSP files to print out,
> yet no way to easily do so. Basically, I've called GSP, and they say
> right clicking on the file and selecting Print is not a viable
> option as to how the script is configured (similar to how you can do
> with Word files). To print these out, they say I have to
> inidividually open them up and print them out. Then I run into the
> problem of knowing which one is which, and again, they say to insert
> a text box with the file name... TOO MUCH TIME FOR 150 FILES!
> There's no way to have a footer with the file name printed on there.
> Any suggestions you guys come upon would be greatly appreciated.
> With regard to the original thread, I would consider printing to
> OneNote or something similar from Office 2007, copying it to
> PowerPoint to easily crop it, then saving it as a picture.
> Thanks,

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