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Topic: Fractions on the number line
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Subject:   Fractions on the number line
Author: Corby
Date: Jun 3 2010
We used this tool for a 2 week period with fourth graders after analyzing an
assessment task that asked them to put fractions on a number line.  On that
task, we found they could make area models of the fractions, some could put the
fractions "in the right order" on the number line but didn't pay attention to
dividing a line into fractional parts.  They had a more 'rule-based'

We had the chance to use this tool AFTER we had that assessment data....Students
and teachers loved it!  Students actively engaged buzzing about where and why
fractions would go in particular places.  They had to think about benchmarks and
the placement of fractions using those benchmarks.  Teachers (and students)
loved the immediate feedback and the visual representation of seeing the correct
answer. Teachers  see the potential in the web site of supporting students where
their understanding - of personalizing the student experiences.

We are planning now how we can use this tool--and website--next school year.

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