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Topic: SmartBoard

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Subject:   RE: SmartBoard
Author: Gale75
Date: Jul 29 2010
On Jul 29 2010, JimS wrote:
> I haven't seen any responses to this question.  Are there any math
> teachers out there that are finding success with this tool,
> especially with subjects from Algebra I and above?

I get some messages to my e-mail, but since I just joined in July, I guess I
hadn't seen the smartboard discussion.   I taught Euclidean Geometry and
Informal Geometry (mostly) before beginning Math 1 and Math 2 with the new GPS
curriculum in math.   I love the smartboard.  I had used overhead transparencies
- but this has many advantages, not the least of which is the better view for
students to see.  Here are a few:
In geometry - I have automatic shapes that are perfect every time
I can make a slide and duplicate it if I want to continue on the next page.  I
can even put questions on one slide and copy them and answer on another.
I can prepare notes in advance
Unlike my transparencies (when I wanted to find something out of order), I can
use the smartboard notes much like powerpoint and find what I want.
I can print out copies for my students, absentees, or even post them on a web
site (after converting to powerpoint) so that students have access when they get

BASICALLY - everything transparencies can do - this can do so much better and
you have a record or the documentation & can manipulate and post it wherever.
When I move on and students say, "wait a minute", I haven't erased the board - I
can back up then, at the end of class, or print a copy of the page they

I love preparing things in advance at home - and much simpler than writing
transparencies and no need to make photocopies.   I can also include things I
can capture from the internet, other documents, etc.

I love my SmartBoard.


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