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Topic: Boolean Algebra

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Subject:   RE: Boolean Algebra
Author: Gale75
Date: Aug 1 2010
On Aug  1 2010, Susanna127 wrote:
> On Aug  1 2010, deva wrote:
> Wd be glad  if  any one  can
> recommend  any  introductory e-book
> (on the  net)  on the  above
> subject.

I would love a recommendation!! Just point me in
> the right direction!

I'm not sure what is meant here by an "introductory" book - if it is for
students, somebody in graduate school or a first college course, etc.   This
request is vague.   I am also not really familiar with e-books, when I want a
BOOK, I usually try to find one so that I can mark it up.  When I get things
online, I end up printing stuff out anyway so that I can mark it up.   I guess
paper and toner could be a savings, but there are good used books in the

THAT  SAID,  I went looking to see what I could find.
I have not used this book - but I have taught some Boolean Algebra (several
years ago now when I was teaching at the college level).   I did use Schaum's
Outline Series to supplement books, but never as a textbook.   They frequently
have good examples with detailed solutions that were wonderful to follow and it
also included examples and problems that were challenging enough to be useful
and interesting.   I have found such a book (213 pages 12.2 MB) available free
at this location

It was completely free and download was done in less than 5 minutes - without
buying a membership to anything.   It is a pdf file.

On the downside, it does say that the book could be used for a graduate course -
so I'm not sure this is the INTRODUCTORY book you wanted.  On the other hand,
the first chapter does begin with truth tables and logic that is very

I have no book to recommend from personal experience - only the brief view of
this first chapter and the reputation and experience with Schaum's Outline

If this is not what you are looking for, please be more specific in your


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