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Topic: Everyday Math program

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Subject:   Everyday Math program
Author: Shelly61
Date: Aug 25 2010
I was wondering if there are any education professionals who truly think that
the "Everyday Math Program" is actually an effective program. I lived in Alaska,
when they brought the program into the Anchorage School District students
started failing more. Experts from California were brought in to troubleshoot
the problem, and they couldn't fix it that year. Two years later, it was still
being touted as being a wonderful program, and I asked if they had gotten the
bugs out of it. The teacher pointed me to a book that was supposed to solve the
problems, but parents had no access to the only copy. The system was introduced
to the Anchorage School District at least 10 years ago. About 5 years ago, I was
invited to a town meeting along with every other citizen of Anchorage to talk to
the superintendent of our schools. I accepted the invitation. Anchorage's policy
was to run exclusively on Everyday Math. The teachers were threatened with job
loss if they failed to have success with the program, or if they supplemented
the program. I personally knew of half a dozen teachers who were supplementing
with Silver-Burdett, to meet the expected goals. In 55 schools, I bet there
were many more than that. There isn't enough rote and repetition to make the
concepts stick. The program moves through several concepts quickly, then it goes
over them again very quickly, much later. I was shocked when my cousins told me
this program was now infesting Minnesota. Alaska says they are successful. They
have good results with a faulty program that is being supplemented.

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