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Topic: Everyday Math program

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Subject:   RE: Everyday Math program
Author: markovchaney
Date: Aug 26 2010
EM has been in use in the Ann Arbor (MI) Public Schools since the early 1990s.
There has been no hue and cry raised against it in all that time.  

Of course, there other districts with similar experiences to yours, and there
are others with similar experiences to those here. You can readily find lovely
attacks on the program on-line. If you look around, you'll also find support
for it, from parents, teachers, and, yes, education professionals. Differences
of opinion: that's what makes horse races, as well as competition in the
textbook publishing industry.

Apparently your mileage varies, Shelly. That's unsurprising. But you're quite a
late-comer to the Math Wars if this is your first post trying to trash EM or
similar programs. A few of us don't think that textbooks are where the rubber
meets the road. Maybe you should Google Dan Meyer and try joining the 21st

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