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Topic: Help needed for MathStudio project

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Subject:   Help needed for MathStudio project
Author: frm
Date: Jan 20 2004
Hi all,
   I am the administrator of an open-source cross-platform C++ project:
Its key features are:

Open Source - MathStudio is free and it comes with sources.

Cross-platform - MathStudio actually runs without problems both on Linux/Unix
and on Win32 systems. In fact, the wxWindows library used by MathStudio
implements the same features on a lot of different operating systems: Mac OS,
Linux (with GTK+, Motif or just X11), Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP. MathStudio has
been tested on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Linux with GTK+ & X11, but
probably it runs without modifications also on the other systems.

Compiler support - MathStudio can be compiled with a lot of different compilers:
GCC, MSVC++ 6.0, MSVC++ .NET, BorlandC++, MinGW and CygWin; for more info about
the procedures, please refer to the Developer's guide.

Easy to use - One of MathStudio's main objective is to be as easy to use as
possible; with MathStudio you should be able to do everything you can do on a
piece of paper, just easier and faster using MathStudio math engine.

Simple, extensible - MathStudio is an open-source program and thus the
developers working on the program are volunteers; this involves that quite often
new developers join the project and some others must leave it for various
reasons... this approach requires that a program structured homogeneously and an
extensive and easy-to-find help on each technical detail. If you want, you
can have a look at the Developer's guide...

Intermediate steps - MathStudio math engine has an often underestimated feature:
it can guide the user toward the solution of the problem showing him step after
step all the operations done. Usually in a CAS like Mathematica or Matlab, you
type in the equation and with a command, you immediately get the solutions: this
is a black-box approach to the problem. You just do not know how the program
solved the equation (in fact, CAS often use very complex algorithms also on
simple inputs). MathStudio instead, shows the user all the operations done
step-by-step: the user has the maximum control on data.

However, there is still a lot to do: if you are keen on math, wou know C++ and
you have time to work on the project (at least 2-3 hours/week), let me know
dropping an email at

or visit MathStudio web page for more info:

Francesco Montorsi,
the administrator of MathStudio

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