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Topic: PrimaryMath testing

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Subject:   PrimaryMath testing
Author: David Dee
Date: Nov 3 2003
Thanks to Gene, MathTools and the Drexel MathForum for this forum for software

I am the developer of which is a new free site for interactive
arithmetic learning (from simple addition to long division including optional
decimals and signed numbers). PrimaryMath is designed for use as a traditional
single user learning tool and as a multi-user tool.

The multi-user tool involves a teacher and multiple students each on their own
internet-connected computers. Basically the teacher creates assignments for
the students and the students working at home or in a computer lab (at the same
time or at different times) complete the assignments. The teacher can monitor
progress and add new assignments at any time.

Currently the single user version is in beta test on the Internet and everyone
is encouraged to check it out at:

As you can see if you visit the site the multi-user version is not yet open
the public except for viewing of samples. I am soliciting beta testers for the
multi-user version of the site. The requirements are simple:

First become familiar with the single-user tool at

Second: decide who will be your multiple users. You can select one of the
following scenarios:

(A.) teacher/student combination--- where you play the role a teacher and then
on the same computer or another computer play the role of a student to which you
have assigned a lesson.

(B.) 1 teacher, 1 student--- where you perform the teacher role for a single
child (perhaps your own).

(C.) 1 teacher, few students--- where you as the teacher test the software
with a few selected students.

(D.) 1 teacher, full class--- where you assign lessons for your whole

Third: Email me at and give me an idea what type of test you
plan to do and I will return to you a username and password for your use during
a two week trial period (extendable)

Fourth: Log on, setup lessons and students and make assignments. Get your
students to open their assignments and complete them. Tell me how it works for

I would also very much appreciate feedback on the single-user version of

Thank you.

David Dee

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