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Topic: Student Response Systems - Qwizdom

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Subject:   Student Response Systems - Qwizdom
Author: Suzanne
Date: May 12 2006
Does anyone use this type of device or a similar system in their mathematics
classroom? Someone posted to our Teacher2Teacher (T2T) service and I thought
that perhaps some of the folks in the Math Tools community might have experience
with these devices.


I have the Qwizdom brand of student response systems. Students have a
transmitter at their desk and send in their answers to questions as I present
them. I am looking for suggestions of ways to hold students accountable for
independent thinking while using this tool. Students view prepared questions on
the screen, and transmit their answers. The program records their individual
answers and graphs the summary of responses for us to view. I know that answers
are being shared. I would like ideas for ways to get around that and make the
tool work for more students. My students really enjoy this. They love to see how
they did. I give rewards for "perfect slides", questions (slides) for which the
whole class gets the correct answer.

I think there is some wisdom in preparing groups of slides to cover, say the
seven strands of the CAHSEE, and use them all year long to make sure students
can do these types of problems. I'm hoping to learn from the experience of more
experience teachers! What are your suggestions for using this tool?

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