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Topic: Please help me define how to solve a problem

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Subject:   Please help me define how to solve a problem
Author: Skaldi
Date: May 12 2008
I am here to ask my question of everyone here and see if anyone knows. My
highest math education is high school regents. I am 26, I was trained as a
professional artist in college and I have a curiousity to make a computer game.
My game engine is Warcraft 3.

I've talked to a few math heads and they seem to think I want to be able to
calculate on four axis at once, however, also is stated you can only calculate
on two axis at once sometimes three but never four.

A histogram was mentioned but as I went over the problem this possible solution
was dropped. Quadrailes I think? Were also mentioned as a possibility but I
cannot find any information on a Quadraile formulation.

I have been thinking about it on my own... and there is a way I think I could
cut the four down to two to be compared.

Okay so on to what I want to do. I am working with Light, and the applications
of Light in the spectrum of colors, within code, but I also need to support it
with some solid math, to make my functions work.

Specifically RGB and Transparency.

I took Science of Light in college, and thinking back on the coursework I
started thinking about anything that could be just two variables, I have come up
with Black and White in the RGB spectrum, because ultimately all colors fall
somewhere between Black and White.

Based on that I guess those are my two variables. However, I don't know how to
get Red, Green, Blue and Transparency to come out of Black and White, and be set
up in a cognitive numberic range. I heard Hexidecimel did that but I am not
certain how it is accomplished.

Such troubles, but moving on to the next part of this.

What I, need to do is I need to be able to program ranges of color as individual

For example A range of Red 240 through 255, Blue 220 through 255 and Green 230
through 255 with Transparency 0 through 10 needs to be able to be labeled as an
objective variable which can be used in further functions.

Now thinking backward to 1980 in the computer age we had the Paint program on
the commodore with it's 11 colors. We had white, gray, gray-gradient pattern,
black, red, yellow, orange, blue, green, brown and purple. Each of these
designations had a single specific code that it used to display and be what it

Now it's 2008 and what I want to do is take a range of reds and I want to have
them display as whatever numberic value of red they are but I also want to have
all of them become a single object as 'Red' and I want to do this with about 20
or more differing variations of colors.

Now I am going to explain why I want to do this. Once I have my 20 or more
differing variations of colors which are grouped into color designations Pink,
Red, Scarlett, Blood, Orange, Yellow Pale, Yellow Bright, White, Grey, Black,
Blue, Green, and the other 20 or so I haven't named yet.

I want to then have my program look at an in game object. Say the object has a
range of R 105, Green 255, Blue 255, Transparency 5. That means the object is
also coded as another object being dark blue, which is what the program is going
to look at. Then I have a second object in the same region and it's color has a
range and it qualifies as light blue.

So in case I lost someone, we have two objects within a region, one object's
color is also an object called light blue, and the other object's color is also
an object called dark blue. The program then goes into it's library and looks up
what to do when it sees dark blue and light blue within the same region. In this
case we will say that the program finds in it's library that those are
complimentary colors. The program then looks for what is suppose to do for
complimentary colors. The program then finds that it is suppose to give a
particular bonus for that color combination.

The reason I need to do it this way, is because of how the Warcraft 3 engine is
set up. There are only the 4 variable RGB + Transparency and to adjust these
colors you have R 255, G 255, B 255 and Trans 100% I know this is a translation
of 100% and all which makes my brain hurt trying to understand it all but, this
is why I am not just setting specific RGB #s to just be the individual objects
because the player can choose to use any hexidecimal color they want from RGB

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