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Topic: Paul Kunkel's Perspective and Solid Tools for GSP5

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Subject:   Paul Kunkel's Perspective and Solid Tools for GSP5
Author: stek
Date: Jun 11 2010
Hi All,

Paul Kunkel has put on his web site new versions of his Perspective Tools and
Solid Tools. These tools update his 3D tools to take advantage of Sketchpad 5,
and include several new tools, and several new capabilities, including
particularly the ability to display inside as well as outside surfaces.

Paul's Perspective Tools enable the construction of 3D perspective views of of
mathematical objects such as polygons, prisms and other polyhedra, and graphs
with a view controller that allows you to spin and rotate to view the
construction from any angle. (For instance, you can construct the rotation of a
sine curve around the x-axis and view it from any direction.)

The Solid Tools adds the ability to show the front faces of convex objects while
hiding back faces, and to shade the faces based on the direction of a light
source. Paul also has tool to create shapes based on cylinders, cones, and
prisms. New to this version of the tools is the ability to see inside faces; you
can now omit one face of a polyhedron and look through the opening to see the
inside of the object.

Paul has used constructions supported by JavaSketchpad, so the results can be
exported to html. (The exception is the parametric coloring of polygonal
surfaces; in an exported JavaSketch you cannot shade the faces of polyhedra
based on the direction of the light source.)

Here's the link to Paul's tools, including his documentation:

Scott Steketee
Sketchpad Projects

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