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Topic: Elluminate GeoGebra Workshop 3

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Subject:   Elluminate GeoGebra Workshop 3
Author: LFS
Date: Sep 28 2010
Wednesday September 29, 2010, 12:00 for US/Pacific, 3pm for US/Eastern, 21:00
Europe/CET. Duration 1hr and 15 minutes.
This is Linda's Workshop 3 on GeoGebra for Teachers (7th grade and up). See: +3+on+GeoGebra

Goals of Workshop 3: Work through two classroom activities with GeoGebra to see
how it can be integrated directly into existing curricula with effective results
- not just to increase understanding and pique interest, but also to increase
mathematical skills and rigor in order for the students to pass the test.

This workshop is for regular users of GeoGebra and is a followup to WS1 +Workshop+1 and WS2 +Workshop+2 to show the versatility
of GeoGebra. If follows a common thread of using the Rule of Four (Description,
Algebra, Graph and Tabular) to completely solve two different types of problems
(algebra and statistics). Many different features of GeoGebra will be

All are welcome, it is free and if you know just a bit about GeoGebra you should
be able to follow and learn and have some fun with math.

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