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Topic: Building Googol World in a Shoe Box

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Subject:   Building Googol World in a Shoe Box
Author: Sonny
Date: Jun 9 2004
A googol is a large number written, decimally, as one followed by one hundred
zeros. In my ONLINE
file, , I describe how this
number was
conceived and named by a 5-year-old boy, grandson of the mathematician, Dr.
Edward Kasner
(1878-1955). In http://.../jonhays/googolaire.htm , I show how only nine
independent attributes
generate a super-googol of choices, greater than one followed one hundred
fifty-three zeros. (I
have guided many classes of third-grade students through this "mathtivity".)
In my ONLINE file,
http://.../jonhays/blakpage.htm , I note that citizens in this Republic can
choose their
representives, and in this Market Economy can choose their purchases. And
"choice" comes under the mathematics of COMBINATORICS (COMBINATIONAL ALGEBRA),
dating from Euler's work in the 18th century. But this subject is not taught,
except in special college classes, although it can be taught to elementary
school students, using simple arithmetic. The files about googol are part of an
ONLINE Website, http://.../jonhays/toteenmathpaj.htm with mativities ranging
from pres-school to 12th grade.

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