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Topic: Smartboard

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Subject:   Smartboard
Author: bride
Date: Jun 18 2005
I have used the smartboard for 2/3 of a school year.  It is awesome.  You can
highlight certain parts of your notes.  You can hyperlink to websites in your
notes.  You can also post your notes to a website for students who are absent or
for students to look up at night if they missed part(s) of them.  The smart
capture feature allows you to capture part of other programs to put in your
notes.  Using Calculus in motion I was able to stop the animation at certain
points and save to the smartboard so that I could write notes on the concept I
was demonstrating and the picture and notes were posted on the web.  I now type
an outline of the notes and post them the day before because some students want
to down load them and take notes on the downloaded outline.  It has been

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