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Topic: Iteration with Geometer's Sketchpad

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Subject:   Iteration with Geometer's Sketchpad
Author: Davem
Date: Nov 26 2005
I've worked out how to construct Sierpinski's Gasket and the Pythagorean tree
using iteration, but I'm trying to experiment, unsuccessfully.  I want to extend
the Sierpinski's Gasket idea (triangle, three different maps, each focused into
a corner of the triangle) to other shapes, e.g. square, pentagon, etc.

I certainly remember doing the pentagon years ago with basic.

My problem is - I set up a square, using a base line, two perpendicular lines, a
circle to give an intersection point, and a third perpendicular line.  Then I
put the midpoints on each side.  I want the square to reduce in side length by
one half, so that it fills a quarter of the square, tucked into the corner.
Once I've got that map - I'll repeat it for the other 4 corners, just like you
do with Sierpinski's gasket.

Why won't this work?  All points are well-defined, I think, so what's

Can anyone help?

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