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Topic: Common Tangent Tool
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Subject:   Common Tangent Tool
Author: Julee
Date: Apr 20 2004
I like many features of this tool.  It gives students an opportunity to explore
the relationships of circle size and placement with respect to their common
tangents.  The tool has cues at the bottom of the user screen to help the
student realize what will be moved if the mouse clicks and drags from its
present location.  I was also impressed that with a little work, one can see a
situation with only one tangent.

I do wish that the pictures to describe the differnt possibilities were located
on a seperate page so that students would not be aided in the exploration.

In discussions of common tangents in the past, my students have been able to
describe the many possibilities for placement of circles and common tangents.  I
see that this applet is beneifical in that one can see there are infinite
possibilities but I don't know if I would want to use it first.  

What do you all think about when students should see this?  Is it beneficial for
them to try to visualize first without an applet to do it for them?

Julee Lee

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