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Topic: Geom-e-Tree resources on line
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Subject:   Geom-e-Tree resources on line
Author: moduality
Date: Dec 30 2012

Be sure to check out for links to a YouTube tutorial, a FAQ,
a set of patterns to Explore, and a "For the Math-Minded" page.

There is also a down-loadable 11x17 poster.  It's not as detailed as a large
one that can be purchased at this time.  The poster is a sampling of trees at
certain angles, with common ratio of 1.0 and 2.0, plus a set of
self-contacting geom-e-trees.

I'm in the planning stages for the next update, which will contain several new
themes.  Tree will also support 8 and 9-branched trees, and have a single
gesture for increasing or decreasing the number of branches.

Comments and suggestions welcome!

John Miller
Geom-e-Tree author/developer

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