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Topic: Limitations and Suggestions
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Subject:   Limitations and Suggestions
Author: Craig
Date: Feb 24 2006
I like this tool for an introductory look at how transformations affect
functions... possibly at the Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 level.  "The answer" is
already given, so students who know how parameters affect function graphs would
breeze through.

Unfortunately, "the answer" is often only one of many possible answers.  Under
the parent 1/x, for instance, the "transformation" 3/(2x+1) is given.  I could
only get one particular set of transformations to earn the "well done" screen,
even though several other algebraically (and geometrically) equivalent
transformations would produce the result.  I could live with this, but it is a
problem for students who think in different ways.

I would like to see a snyopsis button, giving the end result of the slider
actions:  "scaled horizontally by 3, scaled vertically by 0.5, shifted 3
vertically, shifted -2 horizontally," listed, of course, in the order in which
the transformations are performed.  Better yet, students could construct a
sequence of transformations, then apply them, and troubleshoot.

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