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Topic: Graphs and Functions Lesson Plan
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Subject:   Graphs and Functions Lesson Plan
Author: Jeanette E. Horng
Date: Mar 1 2004

I hadn't realized that this site also had lesson plans in it until Suzanne was
able to "attend" our class and mention it.  I find these tools quite

I looked at this specific one since functions seemed to be a topic that came up
in my education classes a lot.  

In my education classes, we have been talking about "bad lesson planning" and
what to avoid in order to keep your students' focus.  I think these lesson plans
are very thorough and complete.  With these, the teacher is less likely to lose

However, it is important for the teacher to understand and become very familiar
with each part of this lesson plan.  Since there are many links to other pages
in this plan, the teacher should know when and where links may or may not be

I took a look at the link to the sketch tool.  This tool really helps out with
manipulating functions and seeing how adding constants affects the graph as well
as other things:

This tool has potential and I hope I can come up with lesson plans this thorough
and structured.  


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