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Topic: Conic Flyer Tool
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Subject:   Conic Flyer Tool
Author: Julee
Date: Mar 3 2004
This tool is a wonderful tool to explore how the graphs of conics change when
the constants of the equations are changed.  

The numbers in the equation change as the sliders are moved so that the user
does not have to think too hard about what is being changed.  

I noticed that the programmer chose to display the shifts of the centers as
minus a positive and minus a negative (rather than plus a positive.)  In this
form I think it is easier for students to see a direct correlation between the
numbers in the equation and how the graphs move.  

I really appreciate the ability to change the size of the display window and to
choose my own possibilities for the sliders.  I also like that the computer
gives a message about the absence of a graph when the sliders are set to values
that do not give a conic.  This messages could lead to some interesting
discussions in class I think.  

I think this tool could be well utilized to have students conjecture about how
the constants change all conics once they have fully explored the changes in one

My only wish is that math equations could be displayed with exponents so that
the equations look more like how students would write them.  But all in all I
love the flexibility of this tool.

Julee Lee    

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