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Topic: Introducing Zoom Algebra
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Subject:   Introducing Zoom Algebra
Author: Jeff from I.Q. Joe
Date: Jan 10 2007
My company has developed a CAS App called Zoom Algebra for TI-83 Plus and
TI-84 Plus graphing calculators.  Zoom Algebra's patent-pending interface is
visual and easy to use, with many little shortcuts.  The Advanced Version of
Zoom Algebra provides step-by-step solutions for most Algebra I

We are eager for feedback from teachers, so we are announcing a special offer:
Buy One, Get 30 Free!  For a limited time, any educator who buys one Zoom
Algebra Advanced registration key and fills out a survey will receive a free
30-pack classroom set of additional registration keys.  Some restrictions

You can download the free Demo Version of Zoom Algebra from  Then
if you are interested in this special offer, contact us through our website.

Jeff Hatch, President
I.Q. Joe, LLC

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