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Author: SCOTTD
Date: Aug 12 2004
I have owned and worked with the Hewlett Packard's 48gx which I really love and
the new 49G+ which is better than the 49, but not by much.  The TI's were
relatively new to me until this semester.  I purchased the Titanium 89 and wow!!
what a new world!!

The calculator is just much easier to use than the HP, and the programs that are
currently being developed for this calculator are supperior to those of the HP
line be far.  One of those programs is the 'calculus made easy' program.  It is
hands down a great program that really adds to the capabilites of the TI instead
of trying to replace them.  I found the Series portion of the program most
useful to me, but I think that you can find all kinds of areas of the program
that will be valuable.

If you are starting a science program in a university and you want a calculator
that can really add to your success, don't get a TI 83 or other calculators that
are only one step above a slide rule, or the HP 49G+ that will require and
advanced degree to operate.  Save your time and get the TI 89 titanium and learn
in one afternoon how to make it work and open yourself up to all of the programs
that are also available for that calculator, that can help in getting you
through school.  

One of these programs is the Calculus Made Easy.  It really helped me and I know
that for the first three semesters in calculus it can become invaluable.

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Post a new topic to the tool: Calculus Made Easy App discussion
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