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Topic: Good applet, but I crave feedback!!
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Subject:   Good applet, but I crave feedback!!
Author: mmckelve
Date: Feb 10 2004
I'm torn between a desire for applets to do everything necessary for students to
learn a concept and requiring some additional work with "archaic"
pencil-and-paper methods.  This applet definitely requires the students to
have a piece of paper sitting in front of them on which they can record their
results and their logic.  This can be valuable because paper-and-pencil
techniques are often necessary in the real world, but it seems to be specific to
a classroom scenario where kids have a worksheet to fill out that will help
direct them to their answers.  If they don't have this, it can be somewhat
difficult to figure out the problem.  I was surprised that there was no feedback
in the applet.  I'd like to see the students try different answers when they
think they have it figured out, and have the applet tell them whether they're
right or wrong.  I think they should be able to enter in how much they think
each shape is worth and how much each item costs, then the computer should check
their answers.  If the only way they can check their answers is by asking a
teacher, then the only use for this applet is in a classroom, under a teacher's
supervision.  In summary, I really like the applet, I just want it to interact
with me a little more and give me some feedback.


Posted for George Reese's C&I 336 class at the University of Illinois

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